About Geo-Resources (Singapore)

Geo-Resources (Singapore) is a world wide supplier of geological - geophysical services and products. The company focuses on supplying and renting both land and marine survey equipment.

In 2012, Geo-Resources (Singapore) entered the Land Surveying Industry, and is now the Authorized Dealer of GeoMax, which is part of Hexagon Group. Reputable companies within Hexagon Group include Leica, Novatel, Brown & Sharpe amongst others. 

In the marine sector, we are involved in the production of hi-tech survey instruments and geo-technical equipment as well as software development for hi-res Acquisition, Processing, interpretation, 3D visualization. We provide specialized operator support along with our equipment.

Marine Survey Products

Geo-Resources (Singapore) manufactures a complete range of innovative instruments, which provide a solution for all aspects of very hi-res seismic data acquisition, processing, interpretation.

  • Geo-Source 200 - 1600 multi-tip sparkers for marine survey, including the unique fresh water sparker system for lakes, rivers and low salinity seas
  • Geo-Spark Pulsed Power Supplies with an energy output ranging from 1000 J up to 26 kJ
  • Geo-Boomer electromechanical source systems
  • Mini-Trace II, 24-bit dual seimic recorder system
  • Maxi-Trace 24-48, Ultra hi-res seimic recorder system (available in 2013)
  • Geo-Sense hi-res streamers, single channel and multi-channel
  • Geo-Suite acquisition, processing, interpretation, 3D visualization
Geo-Resources (Singapore) also builds a range of high quality geo-technical equipment for seafloor sampling:
  • Vibro-Corer 3 - 6 - 9 -12 m systems
  • Piston Corer up to 24 m system
  • Drop Corer 3 - 4-  6  m systems
  • Grab Samplers
Moreover, the Geo-Resources (Singapore) R&D team is always available to conceive a custom designed solution for your problem.

Land Survey Equipment

GeoMax provides a comprehensive portfolio of integrated solutions for the surveying, mapping and construction industries. The highly reliable and accurate instruments include Total Stations, GPS/GNSS Solutions, Digital or Automatic Levels, Laser Rotators and Digital Theodolites.

GeoMax products provide the best price-to-performance ratio, and offers precise accuracy, fast processing and intuitive controls. 

For whom do we work?

Geo-Resources (Singapore) supplies integrated services to:

  • Offshore Oil & Gas Industry
  • Offshore - Nearshore Construction Industry
  • Oceanographic Research Institutes
  • Land Surveyors
  • Construction Industry
  • Renovation Industry

Contact Info

50 Serangoon North Avenue 4
#06-08 First Centre
Singapore 555856

Tel:  +65
Fax: +65 65701148
Email: info@georesources.com.sg